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Why Use WorkersCartTM?

Companies are made up of employees from various backgrounds. This can create problem with an employee’s ability to purchase the right items for a job. The WorkersCart platform allows employers to even out the playing field and ensure all employees have the right tools for the job.

Benefits for Employers

Product Management

Easy to use dashboard to select what products each employee needs for their job role.

Streamlined Product Ordering

The ability to allow your employees to order multiple items from different suppliers all through the dashboard.

Flexibility Of Payment

Easily create coupons & vouchers for certain job roles or employees to help them pay for their supplies.

Benefits for Employees

Better Prepared For Their
New Job

Employees can begin their new role with everything they need, and it only takes a few minutes to order all their supplies.

Easy To See What Items Are

Standardized supply lists eliminate the issue of employees trying to decide what’s best for their new job.

Discounted Payment Options

Employees can use vouchers from their employer to help offset the cost of the job supplies.




The WorkersCartTM Voucher Program allows employers to set up vouchers for employees in need.

Products To Ensure Your Team Is Prepared,
Regardless Of The Industry


I recently started using WorkersCart and it has been an incredible asset for my business. I have multiple employees with varying skillsets, and ensuring they all have the tools they need can be a challenge. With WorkersCart, I’m able to equip everyone with the necessary items quickly and easily. The company is great at providing personalized options that work for our specific needs, and the customer service is top-notch. Overall, I would highly recommend WorkersCart to anyone looking for an efficient way to make sure their employees are equipped with the right tools!

I have been using WorkersCart for a while now and I am impressed by the simple yet comprehensive tools that they provide. With their platform, it is easy to connect employees with the right equipment and resources so that they can be productive in their respective jobs. The process of finding the right gear for each employee is made easier and more efficient through their simplified search options and streamlined inventory management system.

WorkersCart has really helped us streamline our workflow, allowing us to focus on other areas of our business with greater ease. Their customer service team is also great – they are always available to answer any questions or concerns that we may have. All in all, WorkersCart has proved itself to be an invaluable solution when it comes to finding the right tools for each employee. Highly recommended!

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