About Us

Our Mission

A truly level playing field begins before day one.

Our mission at WorkersCart™ is to empower workers and companies by leveling the playing field with equal access to the items they need to be successful. We believe that when workers have everything they need to start their job role, they can hit the ground running, and companies reap the benefits of having a highly productive workforce. We understand that every new hire is an investment, and we’re committed to making sure that investment pays off.

The Problem

Employees often start a new job at a disadvantage due to lack of proper tools and supplies.

Newly hired employees don’t always have equal opportunity or access to the proper tools for the job. This can create problems with an employee’s ability to purchase the right items for a job, leading to higher employee turnover and lower job satisfaction.

The Solution

A truly level playing field begins before day one on the job.

WorkersCart™ allows employers to even the playing field by preselecting what tools and supplies each employee needs for their role, ensuring all employees can show up confident and fully prepared for the first day on the job.